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If you haven’t been leading a caveman lifestyle for the past 11 years, obviously you’ve heard about the Dropbox service.

Since it first came out in 2007, it has attracted 1 billion users worldwide, and even guys from U2 bought the company’s stock. This app is a champion among the cloud storage services. But let’s see if it still retains this honorable title in 2018.


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The interface is highly intuitive – even I even a kindergartener can manipulate it easily. It browses everything you have on your device. Just tap on it and voila. You’re done. As for the menu – every function really speaks for itself. The score is 5/5.


Dropbox is known for providing such awesome features as:

  • Cloud storage where you can keep all of your precious data;
  • File synchronization;
  • Video and photo gallery;
  • File/folder sharing.

Let’s analyze its overall performance quickly.

What is really enjoyable about the application is that the file-sharing process is disgustingly simple – you can share the entire folders with anyone you need, including those people who haven’t got a chance to register a Dropbox account.  Just generate a link and dispatch it via e-mail, Facebook etc.

And the dev team deserves some deafening applause for teaching the app how to limit the bandwidth consumption itself. Trust me, you’ll need this feature if you’re using the app constantly and don’t want your connection to be lethargic.

Synchronization here is a charm you can have my word on it. Once you have the app installed on your device it uploads all of your data (pics for example) into the account. And then they can be accessed via your computer and other mobile devices at a finger snap.

You can create media files, such as photos and videos, right in the application. The same goes to the text documents. And what is even more delightful – text files can be edited online thus liberating you from installing the Microsoft Office app or any of its numerous clones.

And the last but not least is the passcode function. It will be guarding your private data zealously in case there’s a probability of someone snooping around. But every medal has two sides, and the Dropbox app is no exception.  The score is 5/5.

Ease of Use

Moreover, it is multiplatform, and its friend-list includes Android, iOS, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle and Windows mobile devices. Not to mention Microsoft and Linux desktop OS of course. I gotta admit: the creators did a colossal work to establish its omnipresence.

What I find to be a pain in the neck is that it’s impossible to delete, edit or rename folders and files stored online (except for the text documents). I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but it causes a great deal of vexation actually. Especially if you’re in collaboration and it necessarily involves media files exchange. And it’s heartbreaking that the free version offers you only 2 GB of cloud space.  The score is 4/5.


  • It provides security;
  • Data is easy to share;
  • Access to the stored files is immediate;
  • The latest update offers you a document scan option.


  • The stored data cannot be edited from the mobile device;
  • Apk get is free but it gives you only 2 GB to utilize. To access the mammoth-like storing space (2 TB) you’ll have to pay a fee: $12.5 – $20 a month;
  • If the folder size is bigger than 20 GB – it will be deactivated for one day;
  • Doesn’t go well with WhatsApp and Viber – to sync their files with the Dropbox, you’ll have to put them into DCIM-folder.

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