Hi, I’m Sonya, a former corporate ladder climber, who left her job to become a happy human being.

I’m a 28-year-old girl from Germany. I’ve been working in the corporate world since 19. Then I realised I’m over it and quit. Now I’m a freelancer, pursuing my passion for writing.

The years spent in office routine nevertheless were useful for me. Working for previous five years as an administrative manager in a huge international company I got the next core qualifications:

  • Capacity of managing multiple tasks with an emphasis on retaining quality standards.
  • Ability to quickly assess and prioritise projects tasks.
  • Familiar with all MS Office Suite applications and Google tools and applications.
  • Proficient at evaluating problems and quickly devising practical solutions.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Good team player and motivator.
  • Excellent research skills.
  • Solid communications skills.

Working in the office, I never dropped my hobby. I continued writing from the age of 19 in the different kind of blogs. First, I had a blog about motor engine cars and electric cars. All the latest news on the topic were within my eyeshot and I tried to write as frequently as possible about them. Being an experienced car driver and a Mercedes-adherent, I never miss the news about my favourite make of car. Nowadays I rarely write on this blog, but it still remains a part of myself.

About three years ago I put an eye on writing about IT. I enjoy technologies and gadgets a lot. And I’m always on the hunt for useful and practical apps that add versatility and utility. What can I say – I like practical things (old habits die hard) and especially those, that’ll make my smartphone more functional and help me do everyday tasks faster and simpler.

So here is my latest blog, where I share my opinion on the various utility apps I come across. It is all dedicated to IT-staff, from barcode scanners to tuners and cleaners. As I already have a solid experience in fulfilling IT-blog, I decided it could become my freelance opportunity. And now I am totally into improving my IT-blog and in search for orders on professional writing services.

Nowadays I have advanced writing skills and a clear vision of the topic. It allows me to make professional reviews on different products. So if you are interested in cooperation, please visit Services page to get more details. Or contact me: [email protected]442036953127