Best Compliance Initiative

This award will recognise an organisation who has used elearning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies. 

One of the most popular uses of elearning is to ensure individuals have the training to help the organisation meet the demands of external regulators or to satisfy internal compliance policies. An important aspect of this training will be the quality of assessment and record keeping.

This award aims to recognise the way in which organisations have encouraged timely uptake of training to meet strict compliance or regulatory obligations.

Judges will be looking for clear evidence that:

• the content was aligned to a clearly identified learning need;
• steps were taken to engage employees with the subject matter, thereby reducing the risk that training became a ‘tick-box’ exercise;
• compliant performance was achieved and measured more speedily, economically or successfully;
• the overall learning strategy was effective; and
• text, images, animation, audio, video and other media elements were used effectively and appropriately.

It is not necessary for all aspects of your training project to have been delivered using technology, although the elearning element should have been significant.

Your submission must be supported by extracts from reports by the external regulator or the equivalent internal evidence. You should also submit statistical evidence to support your claims with regard to the reliability and validity of the assessment methods used.

Said of our 2014 winner:
This customer has gone way over and beyond its sector regulatory norms in two ways. In their investment in flexible and tailored learning for all staff to improve standards of service and staff retention. Secondly in valuing, training, supporting and caring for their own staff well being and development. This award complements their excellent inspection report and impressive record of care for staff and patients.
Lynne Sedgmore, 2014 Judge


Thank you for your interest in the Inspire Awards. We are no longer accepting any new submissions as the deadline has now passed.