Best Learning Project

Elearning can have a huge positive impact within an organisation. This award seeks to recognise where excellence in elearning has had a lasting, measurable and wide-reaching effect.

Your submission could be about a single intervention or a broader implementation of elearning technology. It can cover a target population of employees, students, individuals or other groups.

Importantly, the term ‘elearning’ can include all forms of online content and may cover activities such as synchronous learning, use of social media or even mobile technologies.

Our judges will be looking for clear evidence that:

• the project has been aligned to a clearly identified learning need;
• the overall learning strategy has been effective;
• the project displays innovation or originality;
• the project has made an impact in terms of individual and organisational performance;
• the project has made appropriate use of technology; and
• the management of the implementation has been successful, in terms of meeting organisational goals, engaging key stakeholders, marketing, support and evaluation.

The submission must include a summary of the client brief and/or a statement of the training need that had to be addressed. A summary of the analysis should be included to explain how the solution was linked to the learning need.

Supporting evidence from learners and other stakeholders is required. Comments from single learners and stakeholders will carry less weight than broader surveys or research.

Said of our 2014 winner:
The project led to a dramatic increase in the number of employees taking up and benefiting from this online learning. The programme was well branded with high recognition which resulted from a coordinated and thoughtful positioning and communications plan. There was a good blend of top-down strategic needs with the bottom-up development of individual employees. The evaluation of the programme seemed to be thorough with plenty of opportunity for feedback.
David MacLeod, 2014 Judge

Thank you for your interest in the Inspire Awards. We are no longer accepting any new submissions as the deadline has now passed.