Screen Stars Video

The elearning journey really comes to life through personal stories. That is why we have created this special category for the Inspire Awards.

If a team has had a great experience or an individual has become better at their job because of elearning we simply ask you to submit a short video. It can be as unedited or as polished as you like. You can use a video suite or simply a smartphone – whatever helps you capture that personal experience.

Our aim is to show the best clips at our annual conference – Perspectives – this year. As a result, if you do have any restrictions on the use of your video it would be good if you could let us know when submitting your film.

Said of our 2014 winner:
This ‘screen stars’ approach was very professional and engaging. This enabled the customer to harness the power of video by connecting with a range of people who authentically shared their enthusiasm. This will have inspired others to join in.
David MacLeod, 2014 Judge


Thank you for your interest in the Inspire Awards. We are no longer accepting any new submissions as the deadline has now passed.